July 02, 2011 message to Mirjana
“Dear children; today I call you to a difficult and painful step for your unity with my Son. I call you to complete admission and confession of sins, to purification. An impure heart cannot be in my Son and with my Son. An impure heart cannot give the fruit of love and unity. An impure heart cannot do correct and just things; it is not an example of the beauty of God’s love to those who surround it and to those who have not come to know that love. You, my children, are gathering around me full of enthusiasm, desires and expectations, and I implore the Good Father to, through the Holy Spirit, put my Son – faith, into your purified hearts. My children, obey me, set out with me.”
孩子們,你們充滿熱忱、期待和渴望來到我跟前;我祈求天父把我的聖子 ―― 信德,藉著聖神,傾注入你們潔淨的心靈內。