Photos (2010)

Date Title
2010/12/26Baby Baptism
2010/12/25Mid-Night Mass
2010/12/24Caroling at Yue-King Mall
2010/12/17Blessing of Kinder Students
2010/12/10Medjugorje Prayer
2010/12/08Jubliees Celebration of Priests & Sisters
2010/12/04Celebration of Blessed Chiara Luce
2010/11/21Caritas Bazaar
2010/10/31End of Rosary Month – Marian Procession
2010/09/17Medjugorje Prayer (in Toronto)
2010/09/10Medjugorje Prayer (in Toronto)
2010/09/10Adoration & Holy Mass
2010/08/13Medjugorje Prayer
2010/07/04Annunciation Kindergarten – School Dismissal
2010/07/04Farewell & Welcome Party for Deacon Yung & Sung
2010/06/17-28Pilgraimage to Medjugorje
2010/06/11-15Pilgrimage to Rome
2010/05/3060th Anniversary of Holy Spirit Seminary
2010/05/29Confirmation - Celebrated by Bishop Tong
2010/05/25Holy Mass at Sheku Chau
2010/05/20Talk of Cardinal Zen - Eucharistic Adoration, Liturgy on the Blessed Virgin Mary
2010/05/20Holy Mass at Tak Ching School
2010/04/25Welcoming Celebration of Newly Baptized
2010/04/23Vocation Prayer
2010/04/14Relic of St. Faustina
2010/04/12Wayne Weible Visits Macau
2010/04/11Wayne Weible Visits The Church of the Annunication
2010/04/04Easter Sunday
2010/04/03Easter Vigil
2010/04/02Good Friday - Stations of the Cross
2010/04/01Holy Thursday - Last Supper
2010/03/30Visit of Crown Thorns Church of Anglican
2010/03/30Blessing of Kindergarden PM
2010/03/30Blessing of Kindergarden AM
2010/03/28Passover Dinner
2010/03/28Palm Sunday (11am)
2010/03/21Parish Feast Day
2010/03/19Open Ceremony - School
2010/03/14Golden Jubilee Marriage of Deacon Mrs Yung (40th Anniversary)
2010/03/06Golden Jubilee Marriage Deacon Mrs Yung
2010/02/28Parish Pilgrimage: Mt Carmel Convent St Anne Parish
2010/02/21Chinese New Year Group Celebration
2010/01/10Initiation Rite