Videos (2011) -

Videos (2011)

Date Title Duration
2011/12/25Let us sing (Gesu' Bambino)3:56
2011/12/24Christmas Carol @Annunciation1:18
2011/12/25Mid Night Mass28:20
2011/12/184th Sunday of Advent20:19
2011/12/53rd Sunday of Advent20:43
2011/12/5FLL - December 10, 2011 Promo20:46
2011/12/42nd Sunday of Advent23:15
2011/11/20Christ the King22:21
2011/11/1333rd Sunday of Ordinary Time14:18
2011/11/532nd Sunday of Ordinary Time19:08
2011/10/3031st Sunday of Ordinary Time20:56
2011/10/1529th Sunday of Ordinary Time13:28
2011/10/928th Sunday of Ordinary Time22:09
2011/10/227th Sunday of Ordinary Time17:43
2011/9/2526th Sunday of Ordinary Time24:55
2011/9/1825th Sunday of Ordinary Time19:40
2011/9/1024th Sunday of Ordinary Time22:45
2011/9/423rd Sunday of Ordinary Time16:16
2011/7/3018th Sunday of Ordinary Time6:55
2011/7/2317th Sunday of Ordinary Time13:44
2011/7/1716th Sunday of Ordinary Time19:40
2011/7/1015th Sunday of Ordinary Time21:00
2011/6/5The Ascension of Our Lord28:15
2011/5/296th Sunday of Easter17:05
2011/5/225th Sunday of Easter18:59
2011/5/154th Sunday of Easter22:33
2011/5/83rd Sunday of Easter20:09
2011/5/3Divine Mercy Liturgy @3pm39:51
2011/5/12nd Sunday of Easter (Divine_Mercy_Sunday)23:26
2011/4/28Holy City (song)6:07
2011/4/27Latin Mass28:15
2011/4/24Easter Sunday28:15
2011/4/23Easter Vigiil (Holy Saturday)16:42
2011/4/22The Lord Passion38:08
2011/4/22Good Friday @3pm28:15
2011/4/21The Lord's Supper33:50
2011/4/17Palm Sunday35:05
2011/4/105th Sunday of Lent16:13
2011/4/34th Sunday of Lent14:40
2011/3/27Passover Dinner1:48:18
2011/3/273rd Sunday of Lent17:34
2011/3/202nd Sunday of Lent17:50
2011/3/131st Sunday of Lent17:54
2011/3/69th Sunday of Ordinary Time18:26
2011/2/278th Sunday of Ordinary Time21:42
2011/2/207th Sunday of Ordinary Time13:47
2011/2/61st Sunday of Lunar New Year17:39
2011/1/15Ecumenical Gathering22:05
2011/1/304th Sunday of Ordinary Time19:12
2011/1/233rd Sunday of Ordinary Time17:34
2011/1/19Ecumenical Evening at Union Church34:34
2011/1/162nd Sunday of Ordinary Time19:42
2011/1/9Baptism of the Lord16:41
2011/1/1Mary Mother of God (Latin Mass)1:03:57
2011/1/1Mary Mother of God20:58