Videos (2010) -

Videos (2010)

Date Title Duration
2010/12/26Homily - Holy Family13:56
2010/12/25Mid-Night Mass29:25
2010/12/24Silent Night - Christmas Carol in Yu King Sun Sing Plaza28:33
2010/12/19Homily - 4th Sunday of Advent20:37
2010/12/12Homily - 3rd Sunday of Advent23:49
2010/12/5Homily - 2nd Sunday of Advent16:57
2010/11/28Homily - 1st Sunday of Advent19:11
2010/11/14Homily - 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time11:29
2010/11/7Homily - 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time22:13
2010/10/31Procession for the Month of Our Lady of Rosary14:10
2010/10/31Homily - 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time14:10
2010/10/17Homily - 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Mission Sunday)16:27
2010/10/13Homily - 28th Week of Ordinary Time (Wednesday)3:53
2010/8/15Homily - The Assumption of Our Lady19:57
2010/8/8Homily - 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time18:17
2010/8/1Homily - 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time15:18
2010/7/25Homily - 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time23:28
2010/7/18Homily - 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time18:56
2010/7/11Homily - 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time10:51
2010/7/4Homily - 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time17:53
2010/5/30Homily - Holy Trinity19:02
2010/5/23Homily - Pentecost22:05
2010/5/20Benediction - Liturgy of Our Lady v239:38
2010/5/20Benediction - Liturgy of Our Lady29:51
2010/5/16Homily - 6th Sunday of Easter17:31
2010/5/2Homily - 5th Sunday of Easter13:52
2010/4/25Homily - 4th Sunday of Easter20:19
2010/4/18Homily - 3rd Sunday of Easter22:43
2010/4/11Liturgy Divine Mercy Sunday38:21
2010/4/11Sharing by Wayne Weible1:02:49
2010/4/11Homily - Divine Mercy Sunday23:23
2010/4/4Easter Vigil58:45
2010/4/3Panis Angelicus Sung By Fr. Leung3:10
2010/4/2Good Friday (The Passion)36:08
2010/4/2Good Friday (Stations of the Cross)22:11
2010/4/1Holy Thursday (The Lord's Supper)33:30
2010/4/115 Stations of the Cross12:41
2010/3/28Pascal Meal41:14
2010/3/28Procession on Palm Sunday (11am)18:54
2010/3/28Procession on Palm Sunday (9:30am)18:11
2010/3/21Birthday Celebration of Fr. Gabriel Liu 201017:10
2010/3/21Homily - 5th Sunday of Lent20:09
2010/3/14Release Pressure with Bible and Prayers1:41:29
2010/3/14Homily - 4th Sunday of Lent17:26
2010/3/7Homily - 3rd Sunday of Lent28:49
2010/3/6Celebration of Deacon Yung's Golden Jubilee of Matrimony1:04:42
2010/2/28Homily - 2nd Sunday of Lent20:41
2010/2/21Homily - 1st Sunday of Lent22:30
2010/2/14Homily - Lunar New Year (Sunday)19:41
2010/2/7Homily - 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time22:50
2010/1/31Homily - 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time15:04
2010/1/17Homily - 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time22:43
2010/1/3Homily - Epiphany of the Lord18:28
2010/1/1&Mary Mother of God Evening Mass99:99