Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s February 2, 2012 Message

Given to Mirjana on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children; I am with you for so much time and already for so long I have been pointing you to God’s presence and His infinite love, which I desire for all of you to come to know. And you, my children? You continue to be deaf and blind as you look at the world around you and do not want to see where it is going without my Son. You are renouncing Him – and He is the source of all graces. You listen to me while I am speaking to you, but your hearts are closed and you are not hearing me. You are not praying to the Holy Spirit to illuminate you. My children, pride has come to rule. I am pointing out humility to you. My children, remember that only a humble soul shines with purity and beauty because it has come to know the love of God. Only a humble soul becomes Heaven, because my Son is in it. Thank you. Again I implore you to pray for those whom my Son has chosen – those are your shepherds.”
我和你們一起已有一段很長的時間。我一直向你們談及天主的臨在及祂的無限慈愛。我是多麼願意你們知道這事。你們是我的孩子嗎?為甚麼當你們環顧現今的世界, 你們仍視而不見,聽而不聞,不想去查看,沒有我聖子的世界會是怎樣。你們放棄了恩寵之源的基督。當我說話時,你們表面上是聽從,但實質上,你們的心靈是關閉的。你們沒有求聖神光照著你們。

多謝你們。我再次要求你們為我聖子所揀選的牧者祈禱 —— 他們是你們的牧者。