Dear friends,

Want to share with you an unfortunate and sad news happened this weekend in Canada:

The Fountain of Love and Life (“FLL”) 生命恩泉 Ministry is a Chinese Catholic Ministry formed in 2004. With God’s abundance grace, people with various talents have been called to serve in this ministry, and throughout these years, the ministry has been able to produce various TV, radio, and web media content to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

For the past year, the ministry has been under great pressure and challenges from another organization to the point that the it want to cease its operations. The ministry has discerned its path and tried to resolve the challenges in the most peaceful way as what Jesus taught us. However, the ministry continues to experience challenges from this organization. The ministry is grateful that after all these tactics, it did not scare away its staffs, volunteers, and the many supporters, rather it strengthen all of their faith in God and learn what an evanglization journey is meant to be.

Unfortunately in this weekend, the airtime of the FLL radio program in Toronto and the FLL TV program has been abruptly taken over by the other organization. Fortunately, the radio program broadcast in Vancouver has not been affected at the meantime. Also, you can still listen and watch the FLL programs online at FLL is currently working hard to resolve the matter and hopefully the restore these channels to evangelize.

Personally I would like to ask for your prayer to pray for the Chinese Catholic Evangelization Ministries! and a peaceful resolution of the situation. May Fountain of Love and Life 生命恩泉 continues to serve Him and evangelize to the ends of the earth!

May God bless you all.
Paul Tam

“你們是地上的鹽,鹽若失了味,可用什麼使它再鹹呢﹖” (瑪 5:13)
“You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything.” (Matthew 5:13)

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